Historic Restoration is the core of the Fogarty Builders mission. We take old homes and buildings, and we improve them from top to bottom, from the outside in: foundation, structure, facade, interior design, and finish. In doing so, we work in every facet of modern construction, and even dabble in some not-so-modern craft techniques. 


Fogarty Builders has 25 years of experience restoring buildings in Key West and is qualified to tackle every construction requirement necessary to complete a whole home historic remodel project. We take the frustration and confusion out of the permitting process through the Key West Planning Department, the Key West Historic Architectural  Review Committee (HARC) while meeting today's stringent Florida Building Codes and balancing cost variables and time constraints.


Our creative leadership team of architects, design professionals, and tradespeople can design, plan, manage and build your complete Historic Tropical Dream Home. Call us today for a consultation on how to transform your aging treasure into a charming, comfortable, and well-constructed island home.

With a reputation for honesty, attention to detail, and a commitment to working closely with clients to achieve customer satisfaction, Chris Fogarty has created award-winning buildings in conjunction with renowned home designers and skilled architects. At Fogarty Builders, we understand that each project is unique and work closely with our clients to identify their needs and desires. This hands-on approach in the early stages provides a clear picture of the final results from project inception, thereby ensuring that we meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.


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